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COMPOSER:   $2000.00 and above


MAESTRO:  $500.00 to $1999.00

Dr. John and Susan Steedman

CONCERTMASTER:  $250.00 to $499.99
Leigh and Billy DuBose
Dr. Charles Gatch
Art Guerry
Ellen Gunst
Ken and Sylvia Howell
Ned and Ann Wallace

PRINCIPAL:  $100.00 to  $249.99

Michael and Cindy Bodie

Marilyn J. Miss (in memoriam)

Jeff Nuovo

Jim and Nancy O'Neill

Jack and Eileen Ott

Richard and Elizabeth Stachelek

MUSICIAN:  $50.00 to $99.99

Elaine Abercrombie

Janice Cooper

Julian and Lee Minghi

George Shingler

Thank You for your generous support!


The LMSO gratefully thanks all of our donors.  You are making it possible for us to purchase and rent the many things needed to perform free symphonic concerts for the greater Columbia community.

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