COMPOSER:   $2000.00 and above

The Coca-Cola Company

Larry and Rhea Metcalf


MAESTRO:  $500.00 to $1999.00

​Joel and Kim Masters

Dale Smalley
Dr. John and Susan Steedman

CONCERTMASTER:  $250.00 to $499.99
Dot and Buz Busbee
Paul DeLoreto
Ellen Gunst
Ken and Sylvia Howell
Margaret Morris
Dr. and Mrs. Tillmon Simmons
Richard and Elizabeth Stachelek

PRINCIPAL:  $100.00 to  $249.99

Dr. and Mrs. Einar Anderson

Michael and Cindy Bodie

Bob and Chris Carlsson

Jerry and Sydney Gatch

Gatch Music Enterprises

Herb and Llewellyn Hames

Dr. and Mrs. Jim Knight

Roger and Rose Lawrence

Linda Lester

Garrett and Jean Mandeville

Marilyn J. Miss

Jeff Nuovo

Hans and Anne Olving

Jim and Nancy O'Neill

Jack and Eileen Ott

Donald and Brenda Owens

Nora Rice and Gordon Shaw

Margaret Smith

Ned and Ann Wallace

MUSICIAN:  $50.00 to $99.99

Patricia and Thomas Cronin

Rodney and Margaret Epting

Jacqueline Ihrig

Rev. and Mrs. B. Wayne Kinyon

Dorothy and Lawrence Metcalf

Percy and Lannie Rogerson

Thank You for your generous support!


The LMSO gratefully thanks all of our donors.  You are making it possible for us to purchase and rent the many things needed to perform free symphonic concerts for the greater Columbia community.

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